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My name is Blair Anderson, owner and founder of Tachyons Templates.

I’d like to take the opportunity to share a little bit about the origins of this resource for Tachyons.

After first learning Tachyons I knew that it would be a huge player in the front-end framework because its philosphy is timeless.

From tachyons-github:

  • Everything should be 100% responsive
  • Everything should be readable on any device
  • Everything should be as fast as possible
  • Designing in the browser should be easy
  • It should be easy to change any interface or part of an interface without breaking any existing interfaces
  • Doing one thing extremely well promotes reusability and reduces repetition
  • Documentation helps promote reusability and shared knowledge
  • CSS shouldn’t impede accessibility or the default functionality of Html
  • You should send the smallest possible amount of code to the user

I translate these down to a main point, after importing tachyons and learning the API you shouldn’t have to write much more css. Import. Learn the API. DESIGN.

TachyonsTemplates was also inspired by bootstrap, because there are an endless amount of bootstrap resources and supporters. I’m positive that template communities are responsible for making it possible.

I hope you enjoy these templates, and I encourage you to share them with the world if you like them!

Thank you for viewing our website, and keep an eye out for more templates soon!

Blair Anderson is the creator of Tachyons Templates.

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