Password Protect your Jekyll site on Netlify for Free

When i’m building new sites, I find it easier to keep iterating online opposed to keeping everything local for now.

Your current build command for a starter jekyll site is jekyll build

For whatever pages you want to encrypt, you’re going to use the NODE plugin staticrypt. The best part is that you don’t have to know how to use it!

1. Visit your Site Build Settings

current Build command: jekyll build

2. Update the Build command

new Build command: jekyll build && npx staticrypt _site/index.html P@SSW0RD -o _site/index.html

This will build your site normally and encrypt the index page.

the script to encrypt your page is staticrypt _site/index.html P@SSW0RD -o _site/index.html encrypts and overwrites the index.html page using the password P@SSW0RD

Test it out!

Here is an example password protected page

the password is P@SSW0RD


This is a super simple way to get free password protection.

Blair Anderson is the creator of Tachyons Templates.

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